FLAME (Federation of Local Energy and Climate Agencies in France)

FLAME was set up in 2004. It aims to officially represent the French network of local energy agencies and use its influence with national and Europeanorganiations, and to develop collective actions of the agencies network.

CLER (Renewable energies committee)

CLER is an association created in 1984, that aims to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency. It federates a network of about 200 professionals in the entire country.

Energy Cities


Energy Cities is the European Association of local authorities inventing their energy future. The association created in 1990 represents now more than 1,000 towns and cities in 30 countries. Grand Paris Seine Ouest has been a member of Energy Cities since 2007. The Agency is thus automatically a member of Energy Cities since its creation in 2008.

ARENE Ile-de-France (Regional Agency for the Environment and New Energies)


Set up in 1994, ARENE is a body working in partnership with the Regional Council. By contributing to the integration of environment and energy matters it takes part in sustainable development implementation in Ile-de-France. Its means of implementation is based on raising awareness, disseminating “best practices” and promoting pilot projects, and assessing new practices and assisting in experimenting them.

REGEA: (North-west Croatia Regional Energy Agency)


REGEA has been established by Zagreb County, Karlovac County, Krapina-Zagorje County and the City of Zagreb under the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, in a partnership with our agency, as our sister agency (coordinator of the european project).